Shadow Work and Atomic Habits for Innovation

After spending some time in the corporate sphere, you can’t help but notice some things. Organisations (aka capitalistic organisms) are entities that are comprised of individuals (aka egoic cognition machines). The organisation itself, while it might have once had an ego or identity tightly coupled with its original founders, can easily lose its sense of […]

Creative Thinking in Tech: Observations from an Outsider and Tips for Nurturing Creativity

In March 2021 I was invited to give a talk at Sheffield Women in Tech about Design Thinking. But instead of talking about our tried and true design thinking methodology (just google it!), I decided to go a little deeper and talk about creativity in the tech space. Because I think design thinking is great, […]

Why I Got Into Tech: Banks made me do it

Recently I did a talk at Sheffield Women in Tech and during this talk I spoke a bit about my transition from publishing and graphic design into becoming an experience designer in the techosphere, but I didn’t go into detail about how and why I am here. My journey started in 2015, when I moved […]

Design to Scale: Look to Nature

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein All my life I’ve loved spending time in nature. As a child, much of my time was spent playing on my grandmother’s farm sneaking down to the creek with my siblings, climbing trees and finding secret hiding spots in the surrounding […]

Breaking Out of Silo, an Approach to Wicked Problems

Originally published on LinkedIn, 6 April 2020 About two and a half years ago I stepped foot into a role as a UX designer within a tech company. I came into software development from a print-centric background and had worked as a graphic designer and art director. I left behind the world of drop-dead print […]