500 Pieces

The series began in 2019 when I decided I wanted to do a little experiment with my art. As I approached my 33rd birthday, I got the idea to do 33 paintings and give them away by leaving them around the city for people to find. This idea came to me two weeks before the deadline, so I spent every night painting 33 – 8 x 10″ canvases. The night before, I trekked out into the city and left 33 paintings in various places all over the map. 

The next day, I received mounds of positive feedback from people finding my paintings. So I think, if I can make a few people have a better day by finding one of my paintings hiding in a park, then why not? I can live out my Mr. Rogers fantasy, spread a few positive vibes 🌈 (always needed), and I get to practice doing something I love at the same time. With that, I could not stop at 33 and decided to set a goal for 500. 

Feel free to follow along, I’ll post on my instagram anytime I do an art drop.

the first 33: october - november 2019

34-35 Seville and Lisbon: December 2019

36-37 London: February 2020

38-47 Sheffield & California: February 2020

48 - 57 Sheffield: March - June 2020

58-79 Sheffield: october 2020