500 Pieces

500 Pieces is a practice to generate 500 pieces of art in an iterative and evolving process. With my mixed background in art, design and technology, I’m interested in the intersection of creative thinking against the complexities of technology. I believe art teaches us to rapidly iterate, to get comfortable with failure and to be patient in manifesting it into existence. 

I anticipate that as I create these pieces of art, my style and process will change, responding to limitations of time, resource, inspiration or energy. I will give away every piece of art in this series, I’ll post on my instagram anytime I do an art drop or mail out. 

the first 33

For a few weeks leading up to my birthday in 2019 (4 November), I spent my nights and weekends churning out 33 – 8″ x 10″ paintings. On the night of 3 November, I set out into Sheffield to drop these paintings off in various locations including Rivelin Valley Park, Walkley, Bolehills, Ponderosa, Weston Park, City Centre, Endcliffe Park, Hillsborough and Ladybower. The art drop was a hit, as a result I was featured in Forge Press and on BBC Radio Sheffield.

34-35 Seville and Lisbon

After Christmas I visited Seville and Lisbon, I wanted to drop a canvas in each city so before I left on holiday I prepped my canvases but took paint pens with me so that I could finish each canvas after having experienced the cities where I would be leaving them.

36-37 London

13 February, dropped in London. This was my last visit to London visiting colleagues from Sopra Banking before starting a new role at Autodesk. This was also my last visit to London before COVID.  

38-47 Sheffield & California