This poem is about taking risks and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Taking risks, doing things that scare you, those things make you more you, they help you to grow and understand your own limits. It’s important to step into fear, to push yourself. And when you do, you can relish in those moments of bliss, that sense of achievement, of entering a new realm and building faith in yourself.


Taking flight before
strong wings had grown
the little one thrown
to such great heights
shifting fields
spark from light

from electricity
flying through the air
living a thousand lives
dying a thousand times
in the blink of an eye

little spark on the wind
falling into those
deep indigo pools
of sacred geometries
cold water
the fountains of youth

every moment connecting to the next
endless pathways
little spark

after jumping
it gets easier
the more you do it
do it scared
full of fear
knowing the imperfections

but each landing
a piece of grace
the framework of faith