In 2014, I started a craft and sewing media company with two friends. The three of us had extensive experience playing various roles in the publishing and media industry, so having learned the ropes we decided to start our own company. We curated and produced content and products to cater to multi-crafters, like ourselves. The three of us love creating with our hands, and between us our interests varied from sewing and quilting to cross-stitch, embroidery, painting, paper sculpting and beyond. We recognised that there were other crafters and makers just like us who didn’t have a singular passion, but found themselves interested in trying different things and learning a variety of skills rather than just mastering one.

With that we started Rebel Craft Media and launched our first product, The WhipperCrafter.

Business Cards

The WhipperCrafter

When Rebel Craft Media first launched, we designed our magazines to be available as printed pieces as well as downloadable e-zines. Each issue was filled with easy craft and sewing projects for the modern multi-crafter. The magazines were published bi-monthly and available on a pay-what-you-like basis.

A small team of three, we worked together to generate content and develop our products. My role as Creative Director meant that I handled most of the visual elements of our brand and products including photography and layout for the WhipperCrafter.

Shift to Digital

After publishing a few issues of the WhipperCrafter, we discovered that our users preferred digital e-zines so they could view the magazine on their desktop and have it open while they crafted. So we altered the layout a bit, rather than designing the traditional way with left and right pages, we adopted a format easy to view on screen in a horizontal format. Designing this way actually helped us streamline the production of our magazine while also creating more flexibility in the design since we were no longer beholden to standards for print.

Promotional Cards for Events

Process Work